• Saibhreas LLC is your Business Solution

    Concerned your business is not making the profits you projected, or have you lost ground to your competition in recent years?
    Are you a Start-Up wanting to position yourself securely in the market to achieve success?
    Do you value your Intellectual Property ...is it really protected?
    Are you a well established company that finds the mission of the
    C-level personnel so different from your front-line force that if you don't bridge that gap you won't be more profitable?

    Saibhreas LLC offers a variety of services such as:
    Business Model review/establishment; Executive Coaching; Sales and Customer Service training; and internal/external threat analysis.

    Are you where you want to be in the market?
    Are you considering selling while the company still has value?
    Are you worried your customer service is doing your company a disservice?
    Are your sales personnel living off of an entitlement program?
    Are you committed to making real changes?

    For Serious inquiries-- the first call is free 609-385-6477